5 Things Only People Who Use Public Transport In Lagos Would Understand


Anyone who lives and survives in Lagos can live and survive anywhere else in the world because life in Lagos is not funny at all. Some Lagosians wake up as early as 4am everyday to meet up with daily appointments and most of the time have to hop on ‘danfo’ buses to get there. The trip on these buses called danfo is on another level; a lot can transpire on these buses. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together 6 things only people who use public transport can relate with…

Transport fares are never the same: The fare for a particular destination changes depending on what time of the day it is.

Getting in and off a bus can sometimes be a challenge: When the people at the bus stop waiting to take the bus is more than the number of people in some villages and the buses are not forth coming. Imagine what would happen when a bus finally comes and it can only take a few people – then you might have to push a fine girl and even step on one.

Your white is never safe: Imagine the person sitting beside you has an armless shirt on, and is sweating with reckless abandon and there you are with your white shirt on, probably to work or an interview.

In your best interest, hold you exact T-fare: The conductors in Lagos never ever have change. No matter what time you get on the buses, if you don’t have the exact fare, they must have cause to either query or shout at you.

– Expect to be called into conversations that are absolutely none of your business.

– Be ready to shout ‘Owa’ or the name of your bus stop 2 minutes to the bus stop, if you are not dropping at the last bus stop otherwise you will find yourself walking back.

Truth is, no matter how hard Lagos is, we just can’t help but love it just like that!!!


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