5 Things That Shows President Buhari’s Administration Is The same As Jonathan’s


Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole yesterday said that, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under President Goodluck Jonathan squandered the resources of the country and that Nigeria would have collapsed if Jonathan had won. While some will agree with the governor, others would disagree. In lieu of this, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together factual reasons why the current administration should focus on rebuilding Nigeria instead of constantly blaming the past administration…

– More than six months into the Buhari led administration, Boko Haram is still wrecking havoc as freely as before in the North-east.

– Nigerians just like in the Jonathan administration are suffering from the harsh realities of fuel scarcity.

– There is still mass youth unemployment in Nigeria. The same people who canvassed and massively voted for this government.

– The Naira is getting weaker against other foreign currencies by the minute.

– Power is still as epileptic as it was during the past administration and Nigeria is still far away from the dream of uninterrupted power supply as promised by this administration.

This administration has to hit the ground running, enough of the excuses> Nigerians want action and not noise.


  • so, in this writer’s opinion 6months can be compared to 16years of PDP administration or to 4years of Jonathan’s administrations.

    • no it can not be compared but is it supposed to get worse? so because its just 6 months we should suffer silently? and u ppl r getting it wrong, it shouldn’t be about the party one is in only but also about the personality and history of that candidate cos d way I see it even if a known criminal joins APC u guys will still vote for him cos he’s in APC. smh

  • Nigerians are perishing because they lack wisdom. A mother can’t compare a working class son to another who is still an undergraduate (expecting them to play same roll in her upkeep).

  • Whatever happened to the IMF loan granted Oshiom-ole.
    I don’t envy his successor bcus he will have his work cut out . Woe betide him if APC loses Edo state. All his evil deeds will be exposed.

  • The two are incomparable and never the same. Buhari is still clearing the rot left behind by Jonathan. Capital flight has been halted, a serious war has been launched against boko-haram, insecurity and corruption. Nigeria has regained its respect amongst nations of the world, there is honesty and transparency in the handling of government affairs and corruption has become a pariah. The gross indiscipline that will make the head loot and share the loot amongst cronies, bloggers, party leaders, and government heads in a brazen and profligate manner as just witnessed under Jonathan will never occur again as Buhari is taking steps to ensure that such looters never have such opportunities! Want more…….? Admittedly, it takes time for the people to feel the effects of this change, what with the agents of darkness, who are married to corruption and indiscipline of the immediate past, in the petroleum and power sector proclivity for endless mischief until they put out of business! Recovery of the loot will witness economic emancipation, creation of jobs for the unemployed, social security, development of the private sector etc. Stick with and trust Buhari and Osinbajo.

    • Diko Diko, the truth is buhari is failing. Are we going to wait for 16 years before we begin to compare?.they say you know a good weekend from a Thursday.

  • Anyone can demolished ten storey build in just 30mins but not on this earth u can build 10 storey house withing 1hr. He needed money to meet our needs. Have we all forgotten that he can only continue with 2015 budget? Except rare cases where u make request for supplementary budget? The 2015 budget is shared so where is d money to do the needful. Apart from this I also want Buhari to work faster we can’t make meaningful impact without making it fast. God bless Nig God shld strengthen Buhari and other leaders with mind of no stealing.

    • Really. Hmmm. So far buhari has taken N1.4 trillion as supplementary budget from the ’empty treasury ‘ as against 4 . 4 trillion for the year. This is an additional 32 percent. Please we have a right to question him because he has been empowered. Let him work and stop giving excuses.

  • For that dt said we r getting worst I am sure u never lead a company before.. if not u shld hv understood many things when u took over from a boss that mess things. At the beginning of ur office u will almost lost the confidence the management has on u. It’s not bread and butter. Fellows

    • Then y did he take the job. It is 7months down the line. Enough of the excuses. We do not expect instant change. We just want to see we are improving. But instead things are worse. They say GEJ ruined us,but at least he managed us and we didn’t feel it. Buhari says he his making a change, yet his life is better, flying our jets everywhere. Abegi

  • We thank God for time,6months or 4years, one day we will know if we are on track for the desired change…as Nigerians,i believe we are more politically aware of happenings now than ever before. personally,after taking over power for 6 months,this administration should concentrate on the works and plans initiated,blaming it on the past administration will not change anything..A budget of N6 trillion niara will be presented tomorrow,highest ever @ a 35 naira per barrel projection..good..now we wait.
    And finally,i believe firmly in the Nigerian project and not in any man or party

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