Amazing! Young Nigerian Inventor Has Solved The Problem With Electricity Once And Forever (VIDEO)

The problem of epileptic power supply may be considered one of the major reasons for the feeble Nigerian economy. One cannot deny that it affects not only the daily lives of the people, but also the regular operation of the businesses.

In this regard, young and vibrant Nigerian inventors have constantly been seeking for the ways to use the available power sources as efficiently as possible with the least possible expenses to provide themselves with the incessant electric power supply. Obinna Ezendu, a commited young entrepreneur, has recently succeeded in overcoming another milestone on the way to solving one of the most persistent problems in Nigeria.

Obitank – this is how Ezendu calls his pet project, a prototype fuel efficiency tank, which, in the words of an inventor, can ensure 400% from a normal 100% fuel consumption. “This means that if you normally use a gallon of fuel for just five hours, be sure to use the same amount of fuel for 15 hours on the same engine. Yes! This is a proven fact as I have successfully built and tested it,” says Obinna Ezendu.

How does the tank work?

The structure of the tank consists of the fuel reservoir and the combustion chamber. The secret is that the device consumes not the fuel itself, but its fumes, which flow straight through the pipes to the combustion chamber; it allows the available fuel to last longer than it is supposed to. Moreover, the taps on the fuel reservouir make it possible to adjust the amount of the fuel fumes flowing into the chamber.

“The three good things associated with this innovation are: 1. you will save a lot of money on the amount of fuel you ordinarily require to run your business or house effectively; 2. you will help to save our environment, because due to the method of combustion, the engine emits very little amount of carbon; 3. your engine will not require frequent servicing or scrapping of carbon in the piston areas,” states Ezendu.

“As a young entrepreneur and a Nigerian, I am deeply concerned with the insufficient power supply that does not allow us to run our businesses effectively,”emphasises Ezendu. “Please, people, let’s stop wasting so much money on fuel. Let’s save money, save our environment and the life of our engines!” congratulates Obinna Ezendu with the success marking several months of hard work, and wishes him a good luck with the further development of the wonderful invention. Who knows, maybe it is his Obitank that will solve the problem of electric power supply in Nigeria once and forever.

Source: Naij


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