Aside Fighting Corruption: 4 Nigerian Problems Buhari Should Consider With Urgency


There is no doubt that fighting corruption and maintaining a corrupt-free government is one of the core values of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. As nice as that sounds, we think Buhari needs to extend the urgency to other areas.

Security: The threat of terrorism in some parts of the country remains an issue of serious national security concern, therefore PMB has to intensify efforts and develop new strategies that will address the current security challenges facing the country so that Nigerians can live freely in any path of the country they so desire.

Electricity: Although Nigeria’s electricity supply has improved, more still needs to be done in that area, so that Nigeria can boast of uninterrupted power like advanced nations of the world. This will in turn boost domestic production and encourage foreign companies to conduct businesses here.

Education: The Nigerian Education system is nothing to write home about, thanks to bad government. It’s standard is nowhere near those of some African countries like Ghana and South Africa. Corruption on the part of the government, academic and non academic staffs and the students have contributed to the decay in the system.  On 9th September 2014, Channels Television reported that over 10.5 million Nigerian children are out of school, which shows the level of illiteracy, a danger to Nigeria’s future. Luckily, Buhari has the political will to fight corruption, he therefore needs to come up with strategies to fight the lapses in the system.

Infrastructure: The road networks in the country are in deplorable states. Buhari needs to channel more funds to enhance the country’s infrastructure and when projects are awarded by government, there has to be proper monitoring mechanism to ensure funds are not diverted nor a substandard job is done. After all, there can’t be development with lack of adequate infrastructure.

These aspects of Nigeria’s life are as important as other aspects but urgent steps have to be taken by our amiable President to ensure ‘Change’ is delivered to Nigerians as promised.

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  • The writer of this article must be a good administrator. You just spoken my mind and the minds of every Nigerian going through the nightmare of sleepless night in the dark due to no electricity. The president that did more harm than good in energy sector is the old ugly fool called Obasanjo.

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