Basketmouth Thinks The High Number Of Nigerian Beauty Pageants Is Ridiculous


Famous Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth has slammed the high number of beauty pageants in Nigeria.

On December 23, Basketmouth criticized the ridiculous beauty pageants in the country.

It started with Miss Nigeria and MBGN. Now we have the following:

Miss Comely Queen Nigeria.

Face of Unity Nigeria

Miss Heritage Beauty Peagents

Miss Tourism Nigeria

Miss Earth Nigeria

Miss Ideal

Face of the Globe

Miss teen world supermodel

Miss Dazzle Nigeria

Queen of Aso Rock

Miss Grand Nigeria

Miss Vip Nigeria

Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria

Miss Ambassador for Peace Nigeria

Queen of trust beauty Nigeria

Face of Nigeria

Miss Global Beauty Peagent

Sisi Oge Beauty Peagent

Miss Esquisite

Miss Olokun

Miss Ecowas Peace Pageant…..did I mention we have over 1,000 now?

Very soon you’ll hear of:

Miss Pretty feet Nigeria.

Miss Long Neck Pageant

Miss High Heels Nigeria.

Miss Fresh Lap Pageant

Miss No hair for leg Nigeria Pageant.

Miss Pointed Boobs Nigeria.

Miss No Stretch Marks For Body. …..just watch” he wrote on Instagram.

Last month, Basketmouth warned arm robbers in South Africa to stay clear of him and his entourage as he gets ready to visit the country for a show.

His warning message comes a week after Nigerian singer Davido was robbed off an alleged $50,000 and other personal items on his arrival in the country for a concert.


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