Biafra: 4 Things Nnamdi Kanu’s Release Shows


After charges against him were struck out yesterday, the Federal High Court in Abuja, today, ordered the Department of State Service, DSS, to forthwith, release ‎the detained ‎leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu. There are jubilation in some Eastern states following his release and INFORMATION NIGERIA has thought it right to put together the four things his release shows…

– The striking out of charges and his eventual releases has crowned Nnamdi Kanu as a hero and global superstar.

– One of the fastest ways to become famous in Nigeria is to rebel against authority.

– It has given credence and popularity to the Biafran struggle, its actors and their tools like Radio Biafra.

– It shows the Nigerian government played into Kanu’s hands and gave him popularity at no cost.

Do you agree???


  • What kind of nonsense popularity is this? An arm robber who is been paraded on national TV and newspapers has also got popularity if that is what you meant.

  • Verity Awala or what do you call your name, as a journalist you too can rebel against the government so as to gain cheap popularity too.

  • The world is realy watching at the injustice that the nigeria system is using because dasuki called buhari and some other thieves dasuki has now bein forgiven but i laugh about nnamdi kanu case but thatz not my problem because i know that my hero and the president of biafra nation must be free at the right time.

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