Biafra: Protests Legitimate, But ‘No Alternative To One Nigeria’ – FG

Biafra-protestersThe grievances being expressed by some Nigerian youths, largely in the South East, have been described as “completely legitimate” by the federal government.

The last couple of weeks has seen economic and business activities in the South East geo-political zone grounded to a halt by pro-Biafra protesters, who are demanding for an independent Biafran Republic, following what they term their alleged marginalization in the scheme of things in the country.

The protesters are also demanding the unconditional release of the founder of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and Executive Director of Radio Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.

Speaking on the frightening dimension the protests are beginning to assume, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, however traced the basic cause of the agitations to “economic” factors, which would have gotten worse, but for the pragmatic efforts of the current administration.


Speaking at a News Agency of Nigeria Forum in Abuja at the weekend, Mr. Mohammed appealed to leaders in the country not to exploit the economic situation to further destabilize Nigerians.

He also urged Nigerian leaders to be courageous enough to come out and defend the unity of the country even though “in the short term it might be politically fashionable for them to be on the side of some agitators”.

The minister, who noted that current agitations by citizens were “completely legitimate,” assured of the Federal Government’s commitment to strengthening the economy.

“There are many political frontlines in Nigeria, religious, ethnic and the like but these things do not come to the fore until when there are serious economic problems like we are having today.

“I have listened to the complaints of many of these agitators and right down it is economic.

“They must understand too that but for this furtiveness of this administration, this country would have been by far much worse.

“There is need for Nigerians to understand also that these are not ordinary times and that the government is not just making excuses.

“I appeal to our leaders not to exploit this situation to further destabilise Nigerians; our leaders should be courageous enough to come out and defend our unity.

“In the short term, it might be politically fashionable for them to be on the side of some agitators but in the long term, it is in the overall interest of Nigeria that we all understand our differences, respect them forge a united Nigeria.

“There will be no alternative to one united Nigeria”.

The minister emphasised the need for government to have accurate and timely information on complaints presented by citizens.

“The most important thing is that the government must do a lot of self-assessment itself.

“The government has the responsibility to listen to all; it also has the responsibility to analyse issues to see which complaints are genuine and those that are not and look into them”.

He also stressed the need for the government to take advantage of different media platforms to make accurate information on its policies and plans available to citizens at all times.

He said that the availability of timely information would curtail agitations, rebuff rumours, and enhance citizens’ understanding of government’s plans and policies.

The minster urged the media to take advantage of available opportunities to “dominate” the social media platforms with positive and accurate information about the country.

He further said that such dominance would pre-empt negative information and activities on such platforms.

“At times some of the agitations might be because the government is not adequately publicising what it is doing.

“Some of the agitations could also arise from lack of understanding of government policies.

“Unfortunately, we have allowed the social media to dictate the agenda for us; that must stop immediately.

“If, for instance, we dedicate platforms that churn out positive stories, very soon other negative platforms become irrelevant.

“It is only the absence of an alternative narrative with the correct information that makes such other platforms relevant”.

He stated that churning out accurate information will present a positive image of Nigeria to the international community.



  1. The Hausa-Fulani of northern Nigeria guided by the British imperialist in collaboration with Yoruba apologist have continued to apply divide-and-rule system in Biafra Land as a system of control to derail us from self determination so that we will not have control over our destinies. Biafran people will fight together to free our people from Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba conspiracy to form a true federated States of Biafra or a confederated states of Biafra, where each federating unit will freely and willingly control their resources in a people oriented constitution where there will be liberty, freedom and equity. We can also decide to have two lovely countries side by side, what is the business of Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba on how we decide that. They spread hate amongst us and try to igbonize Biafra as they have always done. Even at that, you most also realize that Igbo speaking people are not limited to the south-East alone: Rivers North Senatorial Zone, Delta North Senatorial Zone, Parts of Benue and parts of Akwa Ibom states also speak Igbo. Biafra is not and will never be an Igbo thing; it is a spirit that dates back to 1400AD, even before white men discovered Africa, Biafra was. Please research yourself, google on the ancient maps of Africa. Biafra is over 700 years old while the contrition called Nigeria is only about 100 years. Biafran people all over Africa are easily identifiable through their women who tie two piece wrappers unlike their Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba counterparts. Biafran nation include some part of Cameroun and Equatorial Guinea. The Europeans partitioned and destroyed our cultural links and heritage after the Berlin Conference during the “Scramble for Africa” which was the invasion, occupation, colonization and annexation of African territory by European powers during the period of New Imperialism, between 1881 and 1914. It is also called the Partition of Africa and the Conquest of Africa.
    Come to think of it, the population of the over 200 minority tribes of Northern Nigerian outnumbers that of the Hausas, and ironically the Fulani are among the smallest tribe in Northern Nigeria yet they use Islam as a tool of dominion over other tribes. If Nigeria is Islamized, it is easy for one Fulani herdsman to number you among his cattle and bring you under one single command under sharia. Again you can call anybody from the North – Hausa, without any objection yet the indigenous Igbos in Benue, Rivers, Delta and Akwa Ibom, and even Igbos who resettled in the North and West are all programmed renounce Igbo or Biafra so as to have a share in their own resources and to secure juicy positions. Nigeria government continue to plant seed of discord and divide and rule system of disinformation to ensure we don’t unit like Arewa and Oduduwa. They deceived Isaac Boro in 1967 when he befriended Gowon and Adekunle. Recall, when Yoruba Justice Adetokunbo of the Supreme Court sentenced him to death for declaring a Republic in 1966, Major General Agueyi Ironsi kept him safely in jail. However, to counter Ojukwu during the war, Hausa-Fulani Gowon brought him out of jail brainwashed him to hate the Igbos (Boro was incidentally University of Nigeria Nsukka, Student Union President then – was he dominated), Gowon made him an army major overnight and armed him together with other 1000 of his followers to fight his Biafran brothers in the creeks. With their deep knowledge of the Niger Delta creeks, Boro and his men guided the federal forces and pushed Biafrans back from the region. Boro fought gallantly with the Nigerian forces thinking as they had promised him he was liberating the Niger Delta from Biafran forces. He however never realised he was handing his people and the huge resources in the region into the hands of Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba who pillaged the region for years to come and impoverished his people till date. When he succeeded in rooting out the biafran soldiers, Yoruba Adekunle and other Nigeria soldiers ambushed and killed him and took his glories. Isaac Boro was betrayed by the Nigerian forces he trusted. As soon as Boro died, his 1000 band of soldiers was disbanded by Hausa-Fulani Gowon.
    Ken Saro Wiwa was also deceived by Gowon and Awolowo. During the civil war, Ken Saro Wiwa was among a few Biafran sons and daughters, who were deceived by the Hausa-controlled Nigerian government and used to fight their fellow Biafrans. Some of them were made to believe that Biafra was dominated by Igbos, who would commandeer all the resources. Isaac Adaka Boro and Ken Saro Wiwa were among the prominent sons who were misled and betrayed by Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba Cabal. Ken Saro Wiwa was brainwashed to hate the Igbos, he got juicy appointment and was also promised abandoned properties belonging to his brothers in Port Harcourt. He took abandoned properties of his brothers while the Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba Cabal took all the oil wells and the all the newly nationalised companies in Nigeria. Later when he found out and resisted in the 90s, he was summarily sentenced to death by Hausa-Fulani Justice Ibrahim Auta and hanged by Hausa-Fulani Abacha. The Nigerian government returned properties in Oduduwa kingdom and Arewa Kingdom to biafrans, but declared abandoned properties in Rivers State to create perpetual discord among brothers. Thank God those whose properties were taken have long forgiven and forgotten and have even acquired greater properties without the Eastern State Regional Government or the Nigerian Government regardless of the fact that Awolowo stole the money they kept in Nigerian banks and Gowon destroyed the rest of their properties in Biafran land.
    Biafrans shine your eyes, how can a man from Sokoto or from Ijebuode brainwash you today again that they love you and your follow biafrans are your real enemies. Be not deceived, in vain they will try to clean up Ogoni land, try to build one road in Olobiri, offer one or two juicy appointment to praise singers, continue spread hatred to divide us just in an effort to deaden the Biafran spirit. What about the oil wells, what about the money stolen from Biafran by Awolowo as Minister of Finance, what about our sea ports and air ports. There is oil reserve in Rivers, Delta, Edo, Imo, Anambra, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Abia States. The oil revenue is used to maintain over bloated National Assembly, Judiciary, Civil Service, Public Service made up 75% northern and Local Government Areas with over 70% located in the north, plus government infrastructures in the north and west while the Biafran land is abandoned. Who is deceiving who. What is happening to Port Harcourt, Enugu and Calabar international airports? What about Warri, Port Harcourt, koko and Calabar ports. What about our roads. Shine your eyes, google Nigeria history, google colonial rule in Nigeria, look for history books, find out the truth yourself, find out Islamic declaration to Islamize Nigeria. All Hail Biafra

  2. The Biafran protesters are talking about marginalisation from the scheme of things since 1970 when the civil war ended and the need for self determination and the minister is busy talking about the economy. This is not the time to speak from both sides of the mouth or try to cajole us. All that I read in the minister’s message are political and hypocritical. I believe that the Biafran protesters should be listened to for the sake of Nigeria’s unity. It is better than Boko Haram that take up arms against their fellow citizens without any cause, reason and demand.


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