BREAKING: Shi’ite Muslims Deny Buratai Assassination Attempt, Accuse Soldiers Of Killing Members In Zaria [GRAPHIC IMAGE]


The Islamic Movement in Nigeria also known as Shi’ites, on Saturday accused soldiers of the Nigerian Army in Zaria, Kaduna State, of killing its members.

The movement was reacting to reports that its members attempted to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai in Zaria.

According to a terse statement on its website, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria said:

“Soldiers in Nigerian Army Uniforms attacked Husainiyyah Baqiyattullah this afternoon and opened fire with life ammunition on beare (sic) handed brothers and sisters, killing and wounding many. They have also layed (sic) siege to it, with armored vehicles and soldiers”.

The Shi’ite Muslims led by Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, have their spiritual headquarters near the polo field, Zaria.








  1. Nigeria army indeed. We expect U to be in Sambisa Forest but u appear in Zaria Killing innocent and dependless people. Those pictures really betray U and ur blatant lies of assassination attempt or Clash as reported in some media.

    • @abubakar,how did d pictures betrsyed them?any smart person will know dat d story is not complete.why didn’t they tell us where d army met them n what they were doing? Evil ppl

  2. @ TRUE NAIJA MAN i knew but they attribute all the killings to GEJ now his not there and they are still suckling their blood,maybe they will say he’s using the dullards.You know they have no brain

  3. This shiite they are the most wicked pple I’ve ever meet. This pple once attacked our car in kano we escaped narrowly. Soldiers thank you so much

  4. U ppl knwn dat dis people are anti-government, whenever dis people nd Nigeria army are like oil & water bcus dy won’t obey Nigeria gvt& it’s soldiers, so what makes dis easy for dem was dat dy didn’t harm buratai buh dy injured many soldiers if nt zaria nd it’s shi’ite would av been a pity, so i pray for peace to reign in Nigeria


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