Buhari Says Hijab May Be Banned,Nigerians React On Twitter



President Muhammadu Buhari said in the ongoing presidential media chat that if bombings continue in the country, Hijab might be banned.Most of the bombings in the country are carried out by bombers clad in Hijab.

Answering questions on incessant terrorist attacks happening in the country, President Buhari said:

“When I say BokoHaram had been defeated technically, we have weakened capacity for conventional attacks. Banning Hijab is not an option, but if these attacks continues, Hijab has to be banned.”

The president’s verdict on hijab being banned has triggered twitter reactions from Nigerians. See tweets below….

Those who tried to paint PMB as an Islamic extremist before the election must feel really silly after the Hijab ban statement #PMBMediaChat

— B. (@zebbook) December 30,2015

The President was straight forward about the Hijab response, also works better seeing as he’s a muslim.#PresidentialMediaChat

— Khaleesi!!! (@AbangMercy) December 30,2015

@MBuhari got be boxed into a corner here. What BAN the wearing of Hijab? In Northern #Nigeria ? UNTHINKABLE! #presidentialmediachat

— Kayode Ogundamisi (@ogundamisi) December 30,2015

I thought he was gonna dodge the hijab question. It’s a crazy angle. #PresidentialMediaChat

— Ediong (@Ediong) December 30,2015

I’m a liberal. I’ll defend Hijab as a legal choice, even while I take a social & Islamic view that it is a totally unnecessary piece of cloth

— maajid nawaz (@MaajidNawaz) December 30,2015

Even a decade and a half later debates about terrorism still end up flowing into discussions about hijab & other basically unrelated things.

— Murtaza Hussain @MazMHussain Decembr 30,2015

Source: Twitter, Trezzy blog


  • That word MAY is the joker. It is meant for those who will believe anything. It is unlikely there will be any ban on any hijab.

  • Banning the hijab is certainly not the solution mr president. it would result in violating the rights of the muslim woman.

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