Buhari Wonders Why Igbos Feel Marginalized, Asks “Who Is Marginalizing The Igbos?”

Buhari chat

President Muhammadu Buhari has wondered why Igbos would say they are marginalised when sons and daughters of the tribe occupy important positions in the country.

“They say they are marginalised but they have not defined the extent of marginalisation. Who is marginalising them? Where? Do you know?” queried Buhari during a media chat on Wednesday.

“Choosing a minister is not a matter of ethnicity, it is a matter of the constitution. I am limited by what the constitution says that there must be a member of the executive council from each state. There is a lot of partisan politics in it.

“Who is the Minister of State for Petroleum? Is he not an Igbo? Who is the governor of the CBN? Is he not an Igbo? Who is the Minister of Labour? Who is the Minister of Science and Technology? What do they want? I stood elections and I won, I am limited by the constitution, I have a member of every state in the Federal Executive Council and I have to listen to them when I sit as chairman. That is the limit the constitution gave me,” President Buhari said.

Commenting on the continued detention of Biafran agitator, Nnamdi Kanu, the president said:“The one you called Kanu, do you know he has two passports? One Nigerian, one British and he came to this country without using any passport?

“Do you know that he brought sophisticated equipment into this country and started broadcasting for Radio Biafra?

“There is a treasonable charge against him and I hope the court will listen to the case,” Buhari said.


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