Chief Dele Momodu Opens Up On The Brewing Child Custody War Between Davido And His Niece


The drama is getting hotter and hotter every minute.

Just yesterday (December 30) Davido and his baby mama Sophia Momodu got into a nasty online fight which revealed a messy custody war that had been going on between them for months undercover.

Apparently Davido wasn’t allowed to take his daughter Imade outside the country by Immigration yesterday at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos because he did not have the consent of his baby mama to do so.

Davido quickly released a ‘Twitter press release’ detailing his own side of the story saying that Sophia Momodu was an irresponsible mother.Davido at the airport after denied from carrying his daughter abroad.

Sophia Momodu also narrated her own side of events in a lengthy Twitter rant.

In the middle of this custody battle is Ovation publisher Chief Dele Momodu who is Sophia’s uncle.

The media entrepreneur was the one who broke the story that his niece had given birth to Davido’s daughter early this year.Screenshot of Davido at the Airport

As both parties flooded Twitter with their own version of events, Chief Dele Momodu who is quite active on Instagram brought out what had transpired between Davido’s family, the Adelekes and his family, Momodus over the last few months in an abduction case which has now turned into a full blown scandal.

You can read his own version of events below: –

Screenshot of Davido at the Airport

Chief Dele Momodu went to share snapshots of WhatsApp messages between Davido and Sophia.

In these messages the HKN pop star insulted him.

Imade Adeleke is currently with her mother Sophia.

Davido and Sophia Momodu gave birth to Imade in May.
Media mogul Chief Dele Momodu revealed that the pop star was a brand new father when he posted a picture of Sophie and Davido at the baby shower.
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