Christmas Eve: SEE The 5 Reasons Why Nigerians Love It!!!


Its Christmas eve everyone, can you believe it? The second most loved day of the year. What’s not to love about today, the feeling is just magical. In fact, some people celebrate this day more than Christmas day and on this day INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you the five crazy reasons Nigerians love Christmas eve…

Wild night: People get to hang out at fun spots all night having wild fun. Drinking more than their stomach can hold and dancing as if its their last. The atmosphere is charged and caution is thrown out the window.

One night stand: Guys have a good time chatting up girls they do not know and if they’re lucky, they get to take her home because most times, she’s either too drunk to resist or that is exactly why she came into town.

Adventure: Young people get to visit places they have never been before like pubs, night clubs in the name of attending Christmas eve mass.

Bangers: This is the night where kids have house to house or street to street banger competitions and no matter how much the police warn, it doesn’t stop the fun.

Bae moment:  Tonight is the night you determine if you are truly your boo’s boo, because lovebirds wouldn’t miss the chance to hang out with each other on Christmas eve.

Don’t you agree???


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