Concerned Igbo Leaders Call For End To Pro-Biafra Protests, Warn Against “Exporting” Protests To Other States

BiafraThe ongoing pro-Biafra protests across major towns and cities in the South East geo-political zone and some parts of Delta and Rivers State and just recently the Alaba International Market in Lagos State, should be stopped forthwith.

This was the position of no fewer than 60 prominent Igbo leaders after their meeting yesterday in Lagos.

The eminent persons, who met under the auspices of Concerned Igbo Elders, Traditional Rulers and Stakeholders, also warned against the exportation of the protests just as they re-affirmed their faith in the indivisibility of Nigeria.

At the event, which was attended by serving and former public office holders, academicians, traditional rulers and the clergy, the assumption that the outrage was provoked by the poor state of infrastructure in the South-East geopolitical zone was unanimously dismissed.

However, the Igbo leaders noted that the alleged exclusion of the zone in the sharing of key political offices under the current dispensation, was the underlying factor for the protests, calling on the authorities to address the situation.

Those at the event included the Deputy Senate President; Sen Ike Ekweremadu, Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe, retd, Mr. Peter Obi, Prof Ben Nwabueze, SAN, Prof A.B.C Nwosu, Chief Joe Irukwu, SAN, Senator Hope Uzodinma, Senator Sonni Ogbuju, Sen Ben Obi, Prof George Obiozor, Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey, and Elder Uma Eleazu.

Others were Osita Ogbu, Chief Guy Ikokwu, Chief C.C Ifeanyi, Bishop Sunday Onuoha, Chief Charles Odunukwe, Eze C.I. Ilomuanya, Eze Gibson Nwosu, Igwe Chris Onyekwuluije, Chief Dr. E. A Ukpabi, Mr. Emeka Ugwu-Oju, Chief C.C Ifeanyi, Chief Christopher Eze, Chief Charles Odunukwe and leaders of various market associations in Lagos among others.

A communique issued at the forum reads: “This meeting was convened at the instance of the Deputy Senate President, Sen Ike Ekweremadu. The meeting was of the view that Ndigbo are dissatisfied with their current position in Nigeria. The meeting noted that Nigeria is a negotiated federation of three regions in 1960. And our fore fathers played a major role in bringing it to be.

“Ndigbo have reviewed the ongoing street and public protests by the youths calling for Biafra and are of the considered opinion that these are outward expressions of the psychological and physical pain arising from the current exclusion of the South East geo-political zone from the governance of the country and this should be addressed and redressed.

“Consequently, Ndigbo strongly recommend that dialogue be embraced in order to remedy the situation. All public protests should be stopped. And more importantly the public protests should not be exported. Ndigbo are deeply saddened by the loss of lives arising from the protest. Enough Igbo blood has been spilled in Nigeria”.


  1. Ike Ekweremadu, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and the likes of Pius Ayiam are inconsequential in the Biafran struggle. They are part of our problem, men who have kept their people down for self aggrandizement, can not contribute to their freedom. What did they do to amend the lopsided 1999 evil constitution of Nigeria in their various exalted positions in One Nigeria. What about our sea ports, air ports and roads: what did they do. Which Biafran men did they empower. They are Hausa-Fulani-Yoruba slaves, period. That is why they are already begging indirectly by standing against Biafra to cover their loot, instead of shouting for the release of our great leader Nnamdi Kanu. Do you know that there are over 250 tribes in Nigeria. About 200 of these tribes are in Northern Nigeria and over 30 of the tribes are in Western Nigeria. The word Arewa units these 200 Northern Nigeria tribes and the word Oduduwa units these 30 Western Nigeria tribes as the word Biafra units the 20 tribes in Eastern Nigeria. Arewa and Oduduwa knowing and fully aware that Biafran land contribute 95% of the Nigeria economic output have employed: Confuse Biafra, Divide Biafra and Rule Biafra to continue to enslave us in order to ravage our land. We know we have saboteurs, slave collaborators and other efulefus among us (like Emmanuel Iwuanayanwu and Puis Ayaim and some other ‘elders’, top politicians, public servants and civil servants and business men) who, due to their immediate economic benefits from their slave masters they claim one Nigeria why most biafrans are butchered periodically. Since Buhari took over Government and sidelined the Igbos, did you hear their voices. For your information, we don’t expect fearful civil servants, fearful public servants, corrupt politicians and many others who are afraid of risking their means of livelihood or who are ‘benefiting’ from the status qua to support biafran cause. Hardcore biafrans are those who are ready to die, who own their own businesses and don’t need the patronage of the Nigeria Government or any of its corrupt enterprise to survive. All Hardcore biafran own their business. We don’t expect real slaves (efulefus from biafran land) to stand against their masters(Hausa-Fulani) for now, in the fullness of time, they will regret their action. Freedom fighting is not for civil servants, public servants, corrupt politicians and such other baifran slaves of One Nigeria


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