Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan To Be Honoured By Diplomatic Circles…SEE Why!!!


For conceding defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 presidential election, former President Goodluck Jonathan now commands international respect and will be honoured by the Diplomatic Circle in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday, January 21, 2016.

Jonathan has been selected for honour for his democratic credentials and upholding human rights in Africa and will be recognized at the group’s annual dinner in Geneva to become the first African leader to be so honoured by the revered group of diplomats.

Jonathan will also deliver a keynote address at the gala night.

A public policy organisation on African affairs, the Africa Political and Economic Strategic Center, had earlier in the year recommended the ex-president for the Nobel Peace Prize. According to the group, the peaceful way Jonathan conceded defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari in the general election deserves the attention of the Nobel Peace Prize committee.

“He may have not promoted fraternity between nations but he surely promotes fraternal peace among Nigerians by conceding power,” the group noted.


  1. Nigerians are waiting for him to explain how all that money meant for purchase of arms were diverted to private use under his watch. Surely he cannot feign ignorance of the approvals he gave!

    • Yes, foolish Nigerians should be waiting, from Stella oduah to allision maduake to okonjo to 20 billion dollars by emir of kano,who did not steal as cbn governor,now u are crying foul about the arms gate. Don’t worry, it will soon be forgotten bcos ur mind is fickle and u will forget in a week. Instead of u to bury your head in shame, u are acting like a drowning man searching for what to hold on to.u better wake up, just like ur parents and urself have been fooled,now u are passing on the foolishness to ur children


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