Real Reason IPOB Leader Kanu Has Remained In Detention – FG Reveals


The Federal Government, yesterday, told a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, why it was not in a hurry to release the detained leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, as it claimed that its investigations revealed that Kanu, who is seen as the brain behind recent clamour for the creation of ‘Biafra Republic’, had already received huge sums of money to purchase weapons.

In a counter-affidavit before the court, the FG said that prior to his arrest, Kanu, had already made enquiries about prices of all the weapons he intends to buy. A senior officer with the Department of State Services, DSS, Mr. Ayo Ibitoye, insisted that it would be in the interest of justice, peace and order, to allow the IPOB leader to remain in custody of the security agency.

Kanu, who is also the Director of Radio Biafra and Television, was on October 17, arrested in Lagos by security operatives, shortly after he arrived Nigeria from his base in the United Kingdom.

He was later arraigned before a Chief Magistrate Court in Abuja over allegation that he engaged in criminal conspiracy, managed and belonged to an unlawful society. He pleaded not guilty to the charge on October 19 and was granted bail in the tune of N2 million and a civil servant of Grade Level 16, to stand as his surety.

However, the DSS has failed to release him from detention despite the fact that he had met the bail conditions.

While the matter was pending before the Magistrate court, FG had secured an order from the high court to further detain Kanu for 90 days.

Following an application by Kanu before the high court, seeking to enforcing his fundamental right to freedom, government filed a counter-affidavit, explaining why he will not been released, despite the clear orders of the court.


  1. He met all the bail conditions and they are still keeping him in detention. The FG ve to face a criminal charge for infringing the right of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra. Now the FG is taking human right law into her hand she should also knw dat if justice is not done on the illegal detention of our leader, we the IPOB would cause a total break down of law and order in this country. FG must face ICC for this inhuman and foolish act and Biafra must emerge even if u detend Nnamdi Kanu forever. Biafra is an ideology that no man can defeat so FG shouldnt think that detening or even killing Nnamdi would stop Biafra rather, it makes us even more stronger, radical, fearless, brave and even more resolute than 1967-1970. Is beter they let him go now or face the wrath of our anger at the appointed time!

  2. @Eke what the hell are you waiting for. Bring out all your families to cause breakdown of law and order and see weather ur generation will exist again. Facebook warrior. Even ojukwu went into hiding when he cowardly declare war on the nigeria state. I pity those who failed to learn from history.

  3. When we Biafrans said zoo nigeria is lawless country people don’t understand but thank God everything is open now….zoo nigeria is falling while Biafra is rising, love live Biafrans all over the world.

  4. 4 ur mind @ udu, u guys shuld continue deceiving your selves biafra my ass, go and release nnamdi kalu naa, u little child of yesterday. Go read ur history so u wud ur brain and not ur ass

    • @VICTOR. Why are you people talking about 60s/70s. Please the world has moved on, we are in 21 century. Just reason with your brain just for few seconds, before you make comments on social network. Stop reasoning with ur fk…….en ass.
      The war was in 60s/70s when they make trucks without electric kick starter, technology has moved on. Today u can start same trucks now. u can start now about half a mile, so have that in ur little brain or ask ur father, that’s if u have one.
      Anyway I have some questions for you. and I need their answers.
      1st why is it whenever u people hear Biafra u get scared and start getting nightmare /sleepless night?
      2nd Why u people enjoy ur Boko Haram. feel OK and play cool with it, when u hear about them?
      If u can’t get the answers, then I can help u to .
      U people are nothing but (PARASITES )
      Biafra must come, that’s if u parasites like it or not. Please fast forward ur brain cos the world has moved on

  5. Victor! did your father married your mother by force? even if that was the case,can’t your father be civil enough to accept divorce in the case incompatibility?pls reason for once.

  6. Victor! did your father married your mother by force? even if that was the case,can’t your father be civil enough to accept divorce in the case incompatibility?pls reason for once.and the Hausa Fulani man that answered south south army.let me tell you,u better start asking ur father where u from cus we don’t behave like u.

  7. People are senseless Nigeria is lawless buhari is a pig but if God could use David to kill Goliath, and use Moses to lead his people out of Egypt, he will do it for us if u are a biafran say iseee

  8. People be careful about what you said because nigeria is a country still stand together inspite of diff challenge facing us a nation so let’s us continues praying for growth and peaceful co-extience of it.

  9. what peaceful co-extience.who and who exist in nigeria were there is already marshal plan to turn nigeria moslem nation.were ram and goat control humanbeing


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