Fuel Scarcity: DPR Begins 24-hour Surveillance On Filling Stations


The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) says it has set up a 24-hour special task force to supervise and monitor petrol sales at depots and stations.

According to the DPR, the task force will sanction depots and stations selling above the recommended price.

Assistant Director, Public Affairs in DPR, Mrs Dorothy Bassey, disclosed this in telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, yesterday. She said the special team was set up purposely for the Yuletide with powers to take over the sale of the product from those selling above the approved price.

“We have instituted 24-hour surveillance by special task force which we are not going to disclose their identity because we don’t want them to be harassed,” Bassey said.

Bassey said those selling petrol above the pump price were doing so at night. She said any station caught would be forced to sell at the official price “so that we don’t seal them to compound the scarcity.”

She said the agency had some dedicated numbers on its website through which Nigerians could send their complaints.

Some filling stations in Lagos were seen selling fuel today at the normal price with motorists driving in and buying easily.