I Don’t Have Any Corrupt Minister, Buhari Asserts

President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, said none of his 36 ministers is corrupt and challenged anyone who has a contrary view to present evidence against such a minister.

Speaking in his first media chat since becoming president, Buhari said: “I don’t think I tolerate corruption, I don’t think I picked anybody that I know will embarrass my government. But if you have any evidence about any of my ministers, I accept responsibility for the 36 ministers that I have.

“I don’t think I took anybody among the ministers who has got a case in court. Tell me one out of the 36. I don’t think I will deliberately make that mistake,” Buhari said.

Asked if he would sack any of the ministers if he or she is charged to court for corruption, he said: “No, I will insist that the case go through the courts.”

On the panel that interviewed the president yesterday were Kayode Akintemi, Channels TV; Dr. Ngozi Anyaegbulam, Media World International; Munir Dan Ali, Daily Trust and Ibanga Isine, Premium Times.


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