Its That Time Of The Year AGAIN! Rosabon Customer Appreciation Party 2015!

Customer Appreciation Party

At Rosabon Financial Services, we know that without our customers we would not be in business hence the need to appreciate them as the year runs to an end. To show our gratitude, we will be throwing a Customer Appreciation Party for you!

This promises to be an exciting one as there would be lots of fun, laughter, music, games, food and amazing prizes to be won!

The grand finale of the Rosabon Win-big Monthly Draw also known as {RWIN} Draw will also take place, and a lucky winner will cater away the Grand prize of N250, 000! amongst other consolation prizes!

We are a leading financial intermediary institution providing tailored financial service plans to suit our customers. Our vast array of Treasury products, which has been tailored to suit our growing clientele, allows you to access affordable and rewarding savings plans with the best interest rates available!

With the Rosabon Win-Big Monthly note, place an initial amount of N50, 000 and top up with a minimum of N20, 000 every other month. This automatically stands you a chance of winning the grand prize of N250, 000 or other monetary prizes at the monthly draw which holds every first Saturday of every month. The final draw for this year holds at the Customer Appreciation Party. You do not want to miss this!

As an income earner seeking a smart and secure way to achieve those long / short term goals, placing your funds in a Rosabon Earning Plan, REAP account is the best way to start. REAP gives you the opportunity to achieve all these goals without getting stressed up by setting aside a portion of your earnings every month, whilst you get unlimited accessibility and amazing interest rates!

The Rosabon Promissory Note, RPN is for investors who are looking to save more money while raking in amazing interest rates for the invested sum. We will pay you with interest for investing with us!

With Rosabon Tenor Note, RTN you get rewarded in two ways. Yes! You get to keep that cash you do not need currently and at the same time earn great returns. It is a tenor-based placement, offering highly competitive interest rates for individuals and corporate groups. It is targeted at self-employed and working class individuals, corporates, and small to medium businesses.

To know more about our Treasury products and the customer appreciation party which holds on this Saturday, 5th December, 2015 at ECWA Guest House Event Hall, 17, Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos or send an email to for more information.



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