Kanye West Set New Record As He Buys Kim Kardashian Over 150 Gifts On Christmas Day


It’s no longer news that American rapper, Kanye West is currently one of the most romantic husbands in the entertainment world.

According to reliable reports, Kim Kardashian reportedly got 150 gifts from her devoted husband, Kanye West on Christmas Day.

The couple, who boast an estimated combined net worth of over $200 million, spoiled themselves silly with presents as they joined the world in marking the holiday season.

The extravagant nature of the gift giving was revealed in a behind-the-scenes Sister Sunday holiday video shared by Kourtney Kardashian on her app.
“You’ve got to Kim, from Kanye,” explained a voice in the video. “150 gifts and counting,” as the video panned to heaps of neatly wrapped black presents and a multicoloured fur coat
On her part, Kim lavished Kanye with a silver Can-Am Spyderbike, with models retailing for $14,999 and over on the company’s website.
“You know we do silver cars, so I had it made it matte silver,” Kim explained as Kanye took it on a test run around the property.
Their daughter, North was seen riding her pint-sized fire engine toy truck while wearing a onesie that matched the one her grandfather(mother) wore for Christmas. “Santa brought you that?”, said a voice which sounded like her mother Kim.

The video also featured Caitlyn Jenner, 66, rocking a festive white onesie with a playful green scarf decoration and the rest of the family members.

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Kanye West spoils Kim Kardashian with plenty gifts on Christmas Day