Nollywood Actress, Georgina Onuoha Attacks Fan Over What She Described As Overstepping Boundaries

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Veteran Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha, has responded to a fan who she thought insulted her on instagram over her crashed marriage.

Earlier in the year, Georgina Onuoha announced that she has divorced her husband as a result of what we should call irreconcilable differences, a marriage that brought forth two lovely daughters.
Apparently, the Nollywood star got really pissed after a fan blasted her on Instagram on why she was still using her ex-husbands name.

Georgina’s reply wasn’t just epic but also very long, the fan obviously didn’t expect what was coming for her as the actress dug out the details of the female fan and shared her photo on social media.

 Read her post.

Face of a monkey drinking panadol over my marriage. Wanna be cow/goat is having a headache as to why I’m still bearing my last name.( igwegbe). I don’t know why people cannot keep their opinions to themselves. Meanwhile, they are the most miserable in life. Oops I forgot, she said Buhari made her an ambassador. . Kidding. .she actually calls herself an ambassador, but it’s not what you think. .it’s a student/university ambassadorship recruiting students I guess so she can be paid.

Looking at this picture of her speaks volumes. . She desperately needs attention and a man. The last time I checked, only street gals dress this way. @ Vivian Rowland. .Go get a life ok.. And learn next time how to write on people’s walls about matters and issues that doesn’t concern you. Peace girl. Time to start exposing faces of bigots who sit behind computers vomiting hate over people they don’t know or issues that they don’t have a clue about. Her Name is Vivian Rowland on Facebook. .Please help make her famous. Usually I don’t respond to such shenanigans, but this thing over stepped her boundaries. .Goats and monkeys like her thrive on other people’s pain for gain“.

However, Georgina has since deleted the post from her page, she later shared a photo of her wearing a bright smile with a fresh reply for the noisy fan.

No place for bullies on my wall.. That i appear on your screen does not give you the right to insult my family or defame me. I have zero tolerance for stupidity, I mind my business and treat everyone with respect and dignity but don’t take my humility for stupidity. Actors and Actresses are human beings. Flesh and blood like you, So I see no reason why people treat them differently. They crie and feel pain like you. .

What human being will rejoice over the pain or misfortune of others? Expecially fellow women; they are the quickest to crucify each other. You don’t have the right to know what happens in people’s private life. . If you don’t have anything good to say, just keep silent. Write all you want to about me but don’t involve my family especially my kids or I will come for you.
To my fans, I apologize for losing my cool and for the drama. I’m far from perfect, still have blood running in my veins. I just wanted to pass a message across. .
#NO Room For Bullies

# I Might just be the wrong candidate for you to pick.

The fact that most of us Keep quiet when crazy stuff are written about us, should not be a license for people to vomit their ignorance and hate without boundaries and make us their cheap target for fame and wealth.
I rest my case. One love



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