Nollywood Actress, Susan Peters Celebrates 3 Months Wedding Anniversary


Newly wed Nollywood actress, Susan Peters went on her Instagram page to proudly celebrate her 3rd month wedding anniversary with her  hubby.

The actress wrote, “Today marks our third month anniversary. Today i speak over my household,Gods mercy over us is sure,his promises are true. His words will never fall on the ground,whatever he has promised to do he will perfect it IJN Amen.No harm shall come near me and my household and loved ones. Because he shed The Blood on The Cross and paid the price. It is finished He said.

As decreed by the watchers we shall live to testify to his goodness in the land of the living. Wherever our prayers cannot reach The Blood Of Jesus Will Fight For Us IJN Amen.I soak me and my household with the blood and wherever we have wronged you Lord Have Mercy.

Holy Mary Mother Of God Intercede for your children IJN. Let every evil eyes or intent be blinded forever IJN Amen. What God has joined let no man seperate Amen.

Those who worship God in truth and spirit can stand in the presence of kings.”



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