OMG!!! SEE Why Eva Alordiah Performs With Snails


Famous Nigerian female rapper, Eva Alordiah has explained why she always perform with snails.

Eva who has developed her own unique musical style and sense of fashion always stands out from the rest.
However, she recently started showing up on stage with snails and that has left some of her fans wondering what could be happening or what it represents.
The Nigerian female rapper, just shared the secret behind her new style of stage appearance in a recent interview with vanguard.

In her words: –

Err…I love eating snails. I also perform with them on stage because they’re like a back-up for my  band; that’s how it started, but as I began to do it, I learnt something from their philosophy of life, and it’s that we should take things with ease as we are blessed and inspired to, and not to be in so much hurry every time. Being slow is not all that bad, we need to relax sometimes. I have been using this philosophy all my life, and it’s paying off. If something doesn’t happen fast, you should chill because it will definitely happen later.’

Eva Alordiah who is also a makeup artist alongside her music career spoke briefly about her forthcoming album ‘1960’

” think it’s because I’ve been independent all my life. I went out on my own from the age of 16; asides that, I’m a very stubborn human being, in a good way though.

“1960 is synonymous to Nigeria’s independence, and my mom was born in 1960 as well, so it’s sort of a mini-dedication to her. I only hope my song touches people because if not, then it’s not music to me.”

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