Oshiomhole Thankful To Edo People As He Celebrates Last Christmas As Governor

Adams OshiomholeGovernor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has thanked the people of the state for their love, support, best wishes and prayers in the last seven years as he celebrates his last Christmas as governor of the state.

The governor’s appreciation to the people of Edo State came as the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, in the state also thanked Mr. Oshiomhole for his “unflinching commitment in the payment of workers’ salaries up-to-date”, adding, “You have clearly shown that you are a man of distinction who sees workers as assets and not a liability”.

In his Christmas message to the people of the state, the governor said: “We started the year on a very difficult note and I am happy that we are finishing the year on a happier note.

“Of course there are challenges in the economy, there are challenges in the country, our main source of national resources has dropped to an 11-year low, slightly above $30 and one is not yet sure if it will not go lower than that.

“The good news is that Edo State Civil Servants received their December salaries on the 21st of the month and for me, that is important to ensure that those who truly live on salaries and wages get paid.

“So, I thank the good people of Edo State for the trust, confidence, friendship, and the spirit of conviviality that characterized our walk. I believe we have all made enormous sacrifices to keep this state going.

“That we are able to pay salaries and still meet our obligation to contractors is a result of our collective creativity, resourcefulness, doggedness and more importantly, the will to readily make sacrifices in order to keep the Edo project going”.


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