Photo: ‘Runs Girls’ Spotted Praying In Undies!!!

Ladies please, our God cannot be mocked..!







  1. Those who say they are not praying, or what is wrong wit their prayer being nude. Wot does it look like they are doing. From the perception, they are actually praying wit their heads bow. Wot are their kind of business, trade, ventures or goal? It is positive to pray before and after engaging in anything we do. My question: wot they are abt doing, do u think it’s right? Is it an unclad showoff, advert, promo, concert, or showbiz? Praying before doing dis is like poring fuel into a naked fire. Be wise. It depends on d kind of God they are praying to. But as for God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I don’t think such are for him. Am not condemning. But if we have conscience, wen shld think of praying while doing such. I rest my case. It’s my opinion

  2. remember, armed robbers do pray even those that embezzle our money, Nigeria money also pray but the truth is that we don’t know if it’s the almighty God or their mini gods. However, we pray that God should keep us away from such Ventures.