Police Officer To Stand Trial For Multiple Murders, Even After His Death

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Death may not have saved the policeman, who shot and killed three people and killed himself at a Lagos Hotel in Ketu area of Lagos State as the police in the state have concluded arrangement to go ahead with his trial. This came as the police command is investigating the legality of the posting of the policeman to the hotel where the killing took place. Residents have also been warned to desist from selling or giving alcohol and other forms of liquor to uniformed personnel.

The deceased policeman, Sergeant Stephen James, will still undergo trial and would be dismissed from the force.
The state police boss, Fatai Owoseni, who confirmed this on Sunday, condemned the killing of the brothers, Taiwo and Kehinde and their friend, Jeje. The police boss stated that the deceased policeman’s uniform would be used to represent him during his trial. A police source at the state police headquarters told Lagos Metro that the posthumous trial is to serve as a deterrent to police officers who see death as a way of escaping from justice.

“The CP is not happy with the killing and he is determined to ensure that justice is done even when the policeman has killed himself,” the source said. With the posthumous trial and dismissal, the family of the killer policeman would not be entitled to any gratuities from the Nigeria Police Force. The image maker in charge of the state police command, Joe Offor told Lagos Metro that the police would also investigate the posting of the policeman to the hotel. He also added that the police would look at the source of the liquor which got the policeman intoxicated while also pointing out that it was an offence to sell or give liquor to police officers while on duty.

A resident who lives beside the hotel, but refused to mention her name for fear of being persecuted, revealed that the late police officer had often told people that he was in charge in the hotel and that the security of the hotel was in his hands. “Many times, he had threatened people, both residents of this area and those who patronise the hotel. “When he is charged, he would yell at people at any slight provocation and threaten to shoot and kill. “He would often say he is on official assignment and as a result, has licence to kill and that he could kill and label a person an armed robber and that instead of punishing him, the police authority would promote him,” the woman said.

Nigerian Tribune.


  1. The bottom line here is the legality of his posting to the hotel. What kind of Hotel is in Ketu that require police guard? Even sharaton at Ikeja do not use police guard at their gate. I charge the IGP to look into this matter beyond the dead policeman as it is possible he was on illegal duty which his commander or DPO is likely part of on account of some rewards from the hotel.
    I just pray the blames would not just be heaped on the dead man and sweep the rest under carpet.

  2. The Nigerian Police Force need to do something drastic about alcoholism among its men on duty. Some times you find the policemen on duty on the 3rd mainland bridge passing bottles to one another, especially in the evenings. After shining their eyes, I hope they can still compose themselves to protect us o! I have a cousin who is still in jail because while on police duty he was offered poisoned alcohol. He woke up in hospital to discover that his gun had been taken away.


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