Politics In Music Industry Is The Reason I Don’t Win Awards – Burna Boy


Nigerian dance-hall singer, Burna boy expressed his sadness at the fact that he is yet to receive any music awards despite his consistency in dropping hits.

This is the same reason why the singer is convinced that he is not a part of the Nigerian music industry.

According to him, there is too much politics, as we all know and agree that he is far more talented than a lot of artists being celebrated today.

Speaking to The Fader magazine, Burna explains: –

“It’s political, man. To be honest, I don’t really feel like I’m a part of the industry. Check out awards, I don’t get awards because the powers that be don’t really like me. I’m not like everyone else; I won’t do what everyone else does. They don’t like it.

“Everything is really political, too much politics in the industry and I’m not a very good politician.

“So I don’t really involve myself in all that. I just drop hit songs, and my fan base keeps increasing.

“If I was a part of the industry then I wouldn’t have shit today. Think about it. It would just be one of the songs you hear in the club and then that’s it.

“But right now, you see, I don’t have the most Twitter followers or the most Instagram numbers or whatever, but the things that I do the people with one million followers can’t do it.”

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