NUT Asks To Be Carried Along In The Proposed Recruitment Of 500,000 Teachers

The Lagos Wing of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), has called on the Federal Government to ensure the union is carried along in the proposed recruitment of 500,000 teachers in 2016.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in an interview in Lagos on Saturday, Deputy Chairman of the union, Mr Adesina Adedoyin said it was necessary to carry teachers along through the union because the union has more information about the areas where teachers are needed.

“If the recruitment of 500,000 teachers is not a political statement, the NUT should be carried along while carrying out such decision,” Adedoyin said.

“Over 300 teachers have been murdered in Borno by terrorists; over 50 died in bomb blasts close to the governor’s house in Kaduna.

“It is in situation such as this that the teachers’ advice is needed for proper implementation.

“Teachers are in the system and can tell areas, subjects and places were teachers are needed most,” he said.

He also asked that the mode of recruitment be made clear, adding, “for the exercise to succeed, trained teachers, who love teaching, should be considered for employment and not relations of political office holders.

“The last recruitment that took place in primary schools in the state [Lagos] was 15 years ago. Lagos State Government put up some adverts for recruitment, but that is still in waiting,” he said.

He also urged the federal government to explain who will pay the teachers after recruitment.


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