SEE 4 Hilarious Reasons Buhari’s Ministers Are Yet To Hit The Ground Running


Before President Buhari announced his Ministerial appointees and they were eventually sworn in, Nigerians had to wait a very long time as against what they expected. Now that they have been inaugurated into Buhari’s cabinet, Nigerians shouldn’t have to wait for an even longer time for them to commence work. In the spirit of curiosity and wondering why the ministers did not hit the ground running, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together some possible hilarious reasons as to why they are still chilling even after their innauguration:

– Because Buhari slashed their salaries and allowances. They are all probably plotting how to get back at Buhari for doing this to them when they thought they were coming to make even more money.

– Because they are still basking in the euphoria of being the most waited-on and wanted Ministers.

– Everyone knows Buhari doesn’t take crap, so the new Ministers are just trying to be careful, so they don’t do anything to annoy Baba

– You know how Buhari has been busy traveling around the world (for the sake of Nigeria) since the Ministers were appointed, so they are probably waiting to have a face-to-face talk with him or should I say pep talk on the way forward in their respective ministries?

You all know this is for the laughs right?!? There is absolutely faith and hope in this new cabinet!!!



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