SEE The 5 Things That Could Happen By Chance You Receive $100 Dollar This Christmas [Photos]


The Naira is getting weaker to the Dollar by the minute, as at today the exchange rate was N199.248 to $1, that is officially though, which means its higher in the black market. So, you are sitting your broke ass somewhere thinking of how you’ll survive this Christmas with no money in your pocket, then suddenly you get a call from your brother in the US that he just sent you a $100. If this happens for real, INFORMATION NIGERIA got you covered with these five photos that properly portray what will happen next…


And to think I haven’t eaten well in the last two weeks.


Now that’s a merry Christmas


Christmas…I’m so ready for you



Now its my turn to show Tope for not picking my call because I said I don’t have Christmas money.



Where my ladies at???

Don’t you agree???

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