SEE The 6 Things That Could Happen If The N18,000 Minimum Wage Is Slashed


Nigerian governors last month hinted that they can no longer pay the N18,000 minimum wage due to the poor state of the country’s economy which is a result of dwindling oil prices in the international market. And with a rise in the prices of virtually all commodities in the market, rents, transportation and all, a slash on the minimum wage will only make life miserable for the low grade civil servants if the governors follow through with their threat. Here, INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you the possible 6 things that could happen if the governors follow through with this plan…

1. A retribution effect is that productivity will drop, crimes will be encouraged among other social vices.
2. Corruption in a quarters will be encouraged.
3. In a country with high dependency on the few working class in a family, a whole lot more Nigerians will be indirectly affected.
4. Civil service will return to its unattractive days, leaving it for only the quacks.
5. With only quacks working in the civil service, government will lack innovation and drive.
6. Kids of the civil servants may have to drop out of school. And because an idle mind is the devils workshop, they may  join radical groups, which will in turn worsen the security problems we already have in Nigeria.
Governors like Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State have distanced themselves from this move, while also reminding them that the minimum wage was a negotiation they agreed to, therefore the economic situation of Nigeria now should not tamper with the agreement. A wise advise, don’t you agree???


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