SEE The Five Reasons Nigerians Love Christmas


Its Christmas eve everyone, just one day to Christmas day; the day we all spent the whole of 2015 dreaming about. Can you believe that 2015 is almost gone and the new year is around the corner? Apart from all the things we love about Christmas, the fact that it brings us to the close of a year makes it even more fabulous.In this piece,  INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you five reasons why Nigerians love Christmas so much…

Food: There is nothing more important than all the good food we get to eat at Christmas plus the extra pieces of meat and chicken that grace our food. The fact that everywhere you go and everyone you visit has something nice to offer just makes Christmas the best time of the year.

Presents: Getting presents from loved ones no matter how little the presents might be, makes everyone love Christmas even more. The good thing with getting presents, is that you just receive something nice without having to bother yourself about how it was paid for.

Christmas feeling: The feeling that comes with Christmas is inexplicable. You find yourself just happy for no reason and the atmosphere no matter how unwilling you are to get your Christmas spirit on, just helps you find it.

Holiday: The fact that we don’t have to go to work during Christmas or even when we have to go, the work load is basically light. So who doesn’t like that? Plus you get to receive bonus from work during this time makes it just lovely.

Unwinding: Parties, cinemas, exquisite places, Christmas lights and decoration, visitations, hangouts, all these and more just make Nigerians love Christmas the more.

Go on, enjoy, Merry Christmas the Nigerian way!!!


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