Shiite Muslims Claim Over 300 Female Members Are In Army Detention

Shiite Muslims

The Shiite Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Thursday, alleged that at least 300 of its female members were in detention in an Army facility in Kaduna.

In a statement by IMN spokesman Ibrahim Musa in Kaduna, the sect lamented that some of its injured members are detained without medical attention.

“It has come to the notice of the movement that severely injured persons in detention, including women and children, have been left without medical attention since last Saturday and this has aggravated their conditions,” Musa said.

“Presently one of such detained members of the Movement has died as a result of being refused medical attention at the Gabasawa police station in Kaduna.

“There are many other members of the Movement facing the same calamity at the Operation Yaki station along Constitution road Kaduna, with another three hundred women are in custody at Jaji Cantonment, apart from those detained in army barracks across Zaria.

“More so, the Mobile Police in Kaduna has attacked a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday by the members of the movement calling for the release of the leader, His Eminence, Sayyid Ibrahim Zakzaky and condemning the genocide embarked upon by the Army on the members.

“This has led to the killing of four members of the Movement and the arrest of many others with several others also seriously injured, including women and children.

“Meanwhile there are many members of Movement in detention at the CID headquarters in Kaduna in relation to the Kaduna peaceful demonstration.

“We wish to debunk the statement by the police that members of the Movement are planning to attack police facilities across the state. We declare that it is not in our character to engage in such waywardness as we are a peaceful and armless Movement guided by the tenets of Islamic morality of respect for human life.

“We are hereby calling for the release of those in detention in various facilities, most especially those with severe injuries to receive medical attention and save lives.”


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