The 5 Types Of Persons You’re MOST Likely To Meet On A Lagos Train


If you are in Lagos and want to take the train though you usually don’t; maybe because you want to boycott traffic jams or just for the experience, we think it is important you know what you would likely face on the train. In this piece, INFORMATION NIGERIA takes you a ride to meet the five types of persons you are most likely to meet on the train…

THE HEMP SMOKERS: This group of persons, usually guys, no matter the time of the day you come across them on the train have a perpetual smell of weed (Igbo) on their breathe.

THE TROUBLEMAKERS: This set of people are those who believe and maintain that they have a permanent spot on the train. So when they get on the train and find someone sitting or standing there, they don’t waste time to evict the trespasser.

THE HAWKERS: Men and women belong to this group. You would see them hawking things like ‘Agbo jedi’, popcorn, sweet, biscuit from coach to coach.

THE EXCITED ONES: This group of people gets excited for absolutely no reason. Seriously, these ones can freak you out if you’re not tough. They could just start laughing, shouting, stamping their feet or throwing stuffs like a nut in their head just fells off.

THE HANGERS: These ones will never ever buy ticket, they prefer to either hang on the doorway of the train or seat on top of it. You see them, and you just wonder if they have any value whatsoever for their lives.

Now that you know, do not freak out when the hemp breathe of that person standing or sitting near you almost sends you into a asthma attack – just enjoy the ride!!!

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