These 5 Qualities Could Mean Your Man’s A Keeper

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So how do you know when you’ve run into a guy who isn’t a loser? How do you detect if this guy is a keeper? You just know, really. He’s not perfect (I would watch out for any guys that seem too perfect), but he has a few qualities that make you want to thank the Lord for sending him your way.

Here are 5 qualities to look out for when trying to determine if the man in your life is a keeper.

He’s always respectful

I really hate it when people are respectful sometimes. What’s up with that? Listen; if you want to be in my life, I’ll need the whole respect thing to always be in effect… always! Don’t settle for a man who is usually respectful.

That is like being with someone who is usually faithful. It just won’t work. If you find a many who always respects you—based on how he behaves, how he treats you, and what he says to you—that is a definite sign that he may be a keeper.

He’s supportive and encouraging

Anyone that doesn’t support you and is quick to offer up a dose of discouraging words needs to go. You can do bad by yourself. One of the cornerstones of a lasting relationship is knowing that your partner is supportive and will always stand right by your side, even when things get really tough (actually, especially when things get really rough). Anything less is not worth your time.

He takes care of ALL of his responsibilities

A sure sign of a loser is man who doesn’t take care of his responsibilities. If you meet a man who’s employed yet is always looking for a handout because he can’t handle what he should be able to handle, I think that is pretty bright red flag.

What should you do if your man is not responsible and won’t commit? Read this article.

Sure, people can fall on hard times and fall behind on some of their responsibilities. I get that. But you can always tell between the guy who fell on hard times and the guy who is lazy and just isn’t about much. Avoid the latter.

He shows no signs of being possessive or potentially violent

Women often see signs early on that the man in their life means trouble, but for a number of reasons they ignore it. Don’t ignore the signs, ladies. When your gut is telling you that trouble may be down the road, trouble is usually down the road—and A LOT of it.

Being possessive isn’t a sign of love. It’s typically a sign of trouble. If you land a guy who doesn’t show a hint of possessiveness and has never done a single thing to make you think he has a temper or may become violent, he might be one worth keeping.

He’s kind to you and others in his life

Sometimes really nice guys get the short end of the stick, but as women we have to stop ignoring the nice guys. When a man is kind, it’s a really good thing.

If you find a guy who is not only kind to you, but you witness his kind spirit whenever he interacts with others, it’s a strong sign that he is a keeper. When it comes to picking someone to spend the rest of your days with, kindness matters a lot.

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