“VIDI360” The New African Youtube – The New Home For Nigerian & African Video

VIDI 360

At a time where people surf the internet for joy, we would like to introduce to you a platform where people can upload, watch, download and share memorable, funny and educative videos with Nigerians at home and in Diaspora. This is the first of its kind in the Nigerian cyber sphere where every user on our platform can bring smiles to the faces of their loved ones with funny videos, educative documentaries, and historical contents. This (videos) must be of acceptable socio-moral standard which must not create fear in people or pass the wrong notion/information to online users.


As a startup, Vidi360.com will exclusively carve out a niche for itself as the first video uploading platform in Nigeria in which users can share the links to their unlimited number of videos on their social media platforms. Vidi360’s ultimate goal is to have a platform where all relevant videos related to our culture and existence are online for public consumption.

The platform is easy to navigate and actually reminds potential users that it doesn’t require any special I.T skill to upload, watch, download and  share videos on our platforms as we do understand that both the young and the old internet users are interested in video streaming. We are going to be using our platforms to upload our own exclusive series like Daniel’s Diary, Nesho Experience, Ademuyiwa Moment & Emmyson Artistry etc.

The platform allows user to upload Video worth 200 MB which could include funny Videos, Documentaries, Music Videos, Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Politicial Campaign Videos, emergencies videos, viral videos with family and friends, wedding & other ceremonial videos e.t.c.

We would like to inform Nigerians of the birth of this new website which is to be followed by the introduction of the app and also introduce our premium packages for some exclusive videos on the long run for premium users.

The Vidi360 platform is that which you must experience as soon as possible to discover the more fun & goodness in Vlogging.

Visit www.vidi360.com for more exclusive videos that will make your day.


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