$2.1bn Arms Deal: SEE 4 Reasons Why The Involved Looters Must Be Jail


A lot of revelations have come out of the $2.1bn arms deal scandal, in which former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki was alleged chief distributor. These were monies intended to be spent on security to procure arms and fight insurgency but was diverted by a handful of individuals, which the EFCC is now tracing to the bank accounts of these top Nigerian politicians. Based on this, Information Nigeria brings you 4 reasons why those found guilty must be prosecuted no matter who they are….

– Thanks to these greedy individuals, millions of Nigerians have been forced out of their homes/towns/villages to live in Internally Displaced Persons camps around the country as a result of the activities of the deadly Boko Haram insurgents.

– While thousands of the country’s ill-equipped soldiers were being massacred by the well-equipped insurgents, some top politicians were busy diverting the fund set aside to purchase equipment.

– Government money was used to fund election campaigns, which also ended up in private pockets of some of these politicians, enriching themselves while ordinary Nigerians went to bed hungry and others dealing with the unpleasantness of living in IPD camps.

– These looters must, as a matter of necessity, be punished so as to serve as deterrent to everyone who harbour similar intention in the future.

Don’t you agree???

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  • please does it mean that dasuki is not found guilty of the offence,,if he is guilty let him go to jail for killing innocent citzens of this country,,that is iF they want to give us the change they promised.

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