6 Things You Must Know About Nnamdi Kanu’s Stalling Trial


The much awaited trial of the director of Radio Biafra and leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu which was slated for today has experienced a major setback as the judge was said to be absent. This has led to the postponement of the case, a situation that has sparked several protests across South-eastern Nigeria. In light of the most recent postponement, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together those things you need to know about this stalling case…

– The Judge, Hon Justice John Tsoho, who failed to appear in court today, 18 January will be the second judge to sit on the case since it was charged to court. Tsoho was appointed earlier in January, after the previous judge abandoned the case.

– Justice A. Mohamed was the first Judge on the case but abandoned the case prematurely.

– Today, 18 January hearing was set in order to discuss Kanu’s bail application put forward by his team of lawyers but with hearing not held due to the judge’s absence, he will be forced to remain in jail until the new hearing.

– The case is said to have been adjourned to 20 January, amid speculation that another judge might be appointed for the controversial trial.

– Kanu’s supporters have been holding several protests across South-eastern Nigeria demanding the release of their leader and the independence of the Biafran territories

– Demonstrators in Aba, a major city in Abia State, were reportedly surrounded by the army and two demonstrators were said to have been shot dead by police.

Kanu, has been in detention since October 14, 2015!!!


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