Actress Uche Ogbodo Apologises For Her Angry Online Rants!!!

Yesterday, Uche Ogbodo went off on fans who criticized her on her instagram page, and used the F word, today the actress has apologized. She wrote:

 Hi Everyone, i Wish to tender my heartfelt apology via IG Since this is where it all Started. I am apologising only ‘cos i see that my inappropriate use of the #F word in my rant has provoked & broken the hearts of my ardent Fans. I have no excuse really, i am so wrong and i have come to realise from your numerous outburst online that as a role model to many, such words are taboos in our cultural society, Pls Find it in your hearts to forgive me for this dire mistake, I promise not to , not even in the most provocative of situations Use the #F word again . Am deeply sorry this  and ofcos I love you way tooooo much to break your hearts,  without you my Soul Fans there will be no Me.

Am equally sorry that I won’t be apologizing for somethings  I love as a human being living in this ever evolving Fashion World. Eg )1}  I Love My Nose Ring, so am keeping it! 2} I Love My Cosmetics especially My Mac Lipsticks ,So am keeping them too!

I will equally not apologize for the things that are beyond my power for example 1} why do I have a flat beautiful nose. 2} why do I have Wide full lips. 3}Why do I have such jawline ..etc God In his Infinite Mercy made me that way so I can’t change that.  For the  people that called me The Raging Bull ��, Cow bell , Bull on Fire , you aint Far from the truth, Which has been my point from the onset, The Raging Bull is the Symbolic representation of my Star Sign (astrologically speaking) Cos i am A TAURUS (May 17)  so am happy We are communicating fine ! Which was exactly my point when I said Am an Original. lol

Well Enough Said, but for those Who Love me dearly that i betrayed by my choice of Word during my Rage! am Sorry for real, from the bottom of my ❤ heart.. And for those who Hate Me, i am equally sorry for getting on your nerves and driving you crazy with my lifestyle, but if only you will create a little space in your heart to love me just a little bit, you will see that i aint that bad afterall. I Love You both (Lovers & Haters ) as  Jesus does. God bless Us all #OneLove #happynewyear #2016

Source: Linda Ikeji Blog