Biafra Agitation: SEE What Obasanjo Thinks About It


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Friday while presenting a paper entitled: “Resurgent Biafra agitation: Born in error, ignorance and frustration” at a public discussion on Biafra organised by Nextier Advisory in Abuja said the current agitation for the resurrection of the Biafra secessionist agenda is hopeless and would only yield disaster. Obasanjo shared his thoughts about the resurgent agitation in the paper. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together his reasons in this piece…

– According to the former President no right-thinking person who has experienced the horror of war will ever agitate for more war.

– Biafra agitation as a means of calling for secession or severance from Nigeria, Obasanjo says would only lead to disaster and nothing else.

– The current agitation he says is more of a cry for attention, amelioration and improvement of socio-economic conditions and situations, especially of the youth in Nigeria the South East.

– He believes Nigeria cannot afford to go from tackling Boko Haram insurgency to any other insurgency under the guise of Biafra agitation.

– He added that bitterness, anger, destruction and wickedness which has led to the agitation can only worsen an already bad socio-economic situation.

What do you think of OBJ’s thoughts on the Biafra agitations???


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