Bishop Urges Support For Buhari’s Anti-corruption Crusade, Fuel Subsidy Removal


Head of Wordbase Assembly Church, Lagos, Bishop Humphrey Erumaka, has urged Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s war against corruption and the planned removal of oil subsidy.

“Nigerians should cooperate with the president even in the area of anti-corruption for the good of the country, even if not all the stolen monies are recovered, his anti-corruption stance will put a check in the heart of whoever that is in government that there is a day of accountability,” Erumaka said at a recent press conference to herald the annual sixth edition of ‘Festival of Power Prayer Crusade 2016’ taking place at Okota, Lagos, from January 4 to 17.

“We shall all overcome the current economic, political and social problems,” he asserted, adding that “We should be focused and pray for our president, support him in the areas we can because kings are made by God. I implore both the Muslims and Christians to accept Buhari as God’s choice to lead us this period. Working with him, not fighting him will help us.

“With all perimeters of evaluation, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong in probing the activities of the past administration, but let it be done without losing focus on the people’s welfare because what is ahead of us is greater than what is behind us. Corruption has really dragged us as a nation backward. From my interaction with a lot of people, especially this Christmas, I learnt that many Nigerians are celebrating the yuletide in pain because of lack of resources. Things seem not to be moving financially well, and the economy is desperately down, therefore, the present administration needs our support to salvage the situation.

“Our economy has been oil-dependent, and it’s like oil is failing us right now. But for a nation as big as Nigeria, with the various mineral resources imbedded in our land among other endowments, this is the time the leadership of the country should rise up and give the people alternatives. I also subscribe to the removal of fuel subsidy so that whether it is by importation or local refining, let there be strong competition in the oil industry, and all over the world, the pump price of oil has also dropped.

“In Nigeria, the crude oil price has dropped, which means the refineries are getting crude oil at a very cheap price, and put in a little to refine it. So there is no reason for us to even pay N87 per litre. If there is competition in the oil sector; you will find out that petrol is supposed to be sold as low as N60 because crude oil price has gone down tremendously. So President Buhari government should be courageous to remove the oil subsidy and things will normalise in their own accord,” Erumaka said.


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