Bombings: Boko Haram Desperate To Embarrass My Government – Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari says the Boko Haram sect is embarrassing his government with their renewed onslaught against the people of the north-east.

Speaking against the backdrop of intermittent suicide bombings in the past week, president Buhari said that the insurgents had become more desperate, saying that the recent bombings were attempts to gain public sympathy and attention having suffered terribly in the hands of Nigerian military.

“Having lost the war, they are seeking ways and means to gradually find their way back into society. They are not returning to contribute but to cause more havoc. They are so desperate to embarrass the government and the people that they have no qualms attacking isolated communities and markets.

“I urge all citizens wherever they live to own the war against terror and to be part of the fight because it is the only way we can finish the remaining work that needs to be done to make our country safe again,” the President said.


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