Borno: Police Returns To Gwoza, Hoist Flag


The Nigerian Police has sent a delegation from the force headquarters led by Deputy Inspector General of Police Operations, Mr Sontonye Wakama to the Mobile Police training camp in Gwoza, Borno State as normalcy returns gradually to the area which has for several months been struck by Boko Haram insurgency.

It was the first time a senior official would be visiting Gwoza since its recapture by the military.

Before the hoisting of the flag of the Nigerian Police, DIG Sontonye Wakama recounted the sacrifices of gallant officers in the fight against Boko Haram insurgency.

“Some time ago we lost this place, but with the help of our colleagues in the military and even our own policemen, we are now back here and we are here to stay.

“We are going to bring our men back here in very short time – maybe three weeks from now, and we are going to dominate this area again. In league with the military we shall sort out this area and there shall be no infiltration and then we will rebuild.

“The fact that our property has been destroyed does not mean that life has ended. We shall continue, the Police force remains, the Nigerian Army remain and the good people of Nigeria will still remain,” he said.

Also speaking, the Commanding Officer of the 143 Rangers Battalion, Lt. Col. Kolawole Oyebanji, said that this was the beginning of the process of handing over of civilian authority to the Police after clearing insurgents off the area.

“We have done our best and I think that it is most appropriate the civil authority is coming so that they can also assist.

“I pray the civil authority come in very early so that we can also forge ahead and perform our military duties,” he said.