C/River Gov. Goes Against Party, PDP, Describes Buhari’s Anti-Corruption Campaign As Perfect

Ben Ayade-Muhammadu Buhari

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State on Wednesday described the anti-corruption war of President Muhammmadu Buhari’s administration as “perfect”, despite the claim by his party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, that it is only targeted at members of the opposition.

Addressing State House correspondents after meeting with Buhari yesterday, Ayade said the seriousness the present administration attaches to the anti-graft war had enhanced Nigeria’s image both at home and abroad.

“The anti-corruption war is perfect. For those who know the pains, hardship and frustrations that Nigerians have passed through; as a nation, there is so much in terms of natural resources and the people are so poor. It’s only obvious that any serious government must take the issue of corruption seriously, and I think that’s why today, Nigeria is beginning to have national and international image that looks like Nigeria is getting prepared for business. That’s why investments are flowing into Cross River State. That’s a sign that the anti-corruption war is actually working and it’s giving Nigeria the international image that we need”, he said.

Disclosing his mission at the State House, Governor Ayade said he came to commend President Buhari for some of his policies that had helped Cross River State.

He said: “The state has a lot of investors coming in to start massive investments in rice project in the state. To that extent, I just needed to come and brief the president so that he would’ve an idea of what’s going on in the state and of course, use the opportunity to brief him on some other issues”.

He stated that he also discussed the dredging contract of the Bakassi Deep Sea Port with the president, saying “The project is real and that is part of what I discussed with Mr. President and the president has given his commitment that he’ll support the deep sea port and the evacuation corridor which is the 260km super highway. The president did give advice and warning that as far as he had come to give support to this programme, I must come to give quarterly progress report on this project”.

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