Dasukigate: 6 Reasons Why Jonathan Must Be Made To Break His Silence

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A lot of revelations have come to light on how the $2.1 billion meant for arms purchase was allegedly diverted into the presidential campaign of former president and the candidate of the party in the 2015 general elections, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. Former Minister of State for Finance, Bashir Yuguda, Col. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (retd), a former National Security Adviser (NSA); Shuaibu Salisu, a former Director of Finance and Administration NSA’s office, Attahiru Dalhatu Bafawara, a former governor of Sokoto State; Sagir Attahiru, his son and Dalhatu Investment Limited are a few men in the Jonathan administration that are currently being tried for the offence. Months into the commencement of the investigation, the man who was at the helms while the looting was taking place, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has refused to say a word. In light of this, INFORMATION NIGERIA has gathered up the reasons why Jonathan must speak up now…

– The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under which Jonathan emerged as president has become an object of public ridicule and harsh criticisms and everyone in the party, whether innocent or guilty are being tagged as corrupt. In light of this shame, Jonathan must speak up to redeem his party, whose goodwill he enjoyed for years.

– If the PDP organised a dinner where billions of naira was raised money for Jonathan’s campaign, what then is the explanation for the armsgate? Jontahan must say.

– Jonathan can not act aloof in all these as these alleged crimes were perpetuated under his watch. He should clarify whether he instructed his former NSA to divert the money meant to fight Boko Haram into his campaign.

– Jonathan in the last administration held the highest authority, therefore must answer questions on what he knows or doesn’t know about the chilling revelations being made on the $2.1 billion arms deal.

– Jonathan had said that his government never awarded any contract in the range of US$2bn, so where did this money come from? Jonathan must tell Nigerians.

– It is disturbing to start to think it possible that one man (Dasuki), all by himself could have disbursed such mind-boggling amount without the approval of the President and Commander in Chief. If he (Dasuki) actually did it all on his own, then Jonathan must tell us where he traveled to or if Dasuki was the President in his stead.

Jonathan can no longer keep mum on this issue, it will do neither Jonathan nor Nigeria any good. We all want to get to the root of this matter, therefore let our former President speak up now or what do you think???


  • I completely agree with you that Jonathan has to say something their is a proverb in Yoruba that states; “Taaba Peri Aja,a peri Ikoko Ta fi se” I’m sorry I don’t know how to translate this into English but what it’s simply saying is he can’t claim ignorant in all these he was the head then so it’s not just possible that Dasuki will just be dolling out money for the election that was for his return (Jonathan ) for the third term and now that the story has changed he has been keeping mute as if he knows nothing about it.
    One thing I know is that he can continue to remain silent about the whole saga for now but certainly he will be called to answer a pretty lot of questions. It’s just a matter of time!!!

  • Yes it’s time he’s called to account we can’t continue to build a society without accountability & respect for civil funds

    • is rather unfortunate that APC and PMB wants Nigerians to think in certain directions and they are, instead of asking the relevant questions. which one is more important “the sponsors of boko haram or the arms deal? where Dasuki got the money from or who he shared it with? please Nigerians where are the girls????????????

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