FG Perfects Post-Insurgency Plans For North-East

Minister of Interior-Abdulraman Dambazau-West Africa Conflict and Security teamThe federal government yesterday disclosed that it had finalized plans to help resettle internally displaced persons, IDPs, in the North-East.

The Minister of Interior, Abdulraman Dambazau, made the disclosure on Thursday when he received a delegation of the West Africa Conflict and Security team in his office in Abuja.

Dambazau said winning the war against terrorism is important as well as winning the peace after the war is over.

He posited that: “The military has been up and doing in dealing with insurgency in the North-East but it doesn’t stop at the success of the military operation. There are two parts to it; winning the war and winning the peace.

“To win the peace, there must be smooth transition between winning the war and the re-establishment of governance in those areas where the war has been won. This is where the ministry of interior comes in”.

Dambazau also assured that the ministry will do everything possible to provide stability in the region after the successes of the military.

“Already, we have gotten the request and we are working on it to deploy the Police and Civil Defence in that region.

“We have to look at governance as a whole and we will ensure that lives and properties are well protected and people at that area feel safe particularly those who are currently in IDP camps to be able to resettle back to their homes”.

Earlier, the leader of the delegation, Catherine Weiss, said they were in the country to continue discussion on how to develop security stabilization in Nigeria.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Weiss said: “We came here today to discuss further work that is ongoing since 2014 on security stabilization in Nigeria.

“We talked about a roundtable that was held at the National Defence College in 2014, looking at insecurity mapping and sharing experiences from Northern Ireland and we are delighted at the conversation that we had this morning with the Minister about how we can work together going forward on this important issue in Nigeria.

“We are going to hold a round table in early February and we like to continue working with the different Services [in the Ministry of Interior] and the Armed Forces on these issues”.

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