How Fake Kiss Daniel Scams People On Social Media

A certain man, believed to be a fake Kiss Daniel, Nigerian singer, Oluwatobiloba Daniel, has been reportedly duping people, especially young girls, under the pretence of sending them abroad to be professionals in modelling, music or dancing, as the case may be.


A Twitter user with the handle @CHINGY, who reports say almost fell a victim, allegedly exposed him.

The said Chingy had an encounter with the fake Kiss Daniel with whom she exchanged chats and emails, where it was discovered that the fake ‘Woju’ songster sends out Twitter direct messages asking if one can dance or want to be a model or star in his music video.
If, however, one responds positively, he will then request for an audition and that you will be contacted if you pass the audition.

According to widely circulated reports, the fake Kiss Daniel has less followers as compared to Oluwatobiloba Daniel and his Twitter account is however, not verified.

Also, it was reportedly discovered that the ‘l’ on the fake account @KISSDANIEL is in upper case letters, whereas, on Oluwatobiloba Daniel’s account, the ‘l’ is in lower case.


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  • he also sent me a direct message on my twitter, tnx 2 my star I quickly use my initiative and reply that I’m not a good dance I appreciate his offer, I thought as much Real Kiss Daniel can’t offer such, and again he follows back, after following him

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