Kanye West, Wife And 2-Year-Old Daughter North West Attacked On Social Media Over Expensive Fur Coat


I guess 2 year old North West will eventually get used to things like this happening on a regular.

More and more criticisms have continued to trail the expensive fur coat North West wore yesterday.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been accused of dressing their daughter in an overpriced ‘real’ fur coat.

Two-year-old North West was seen wearing a coat that appeared to be made of real fur and costs an estimated $3,500 whilst on a trip to the playground on a mild day in Los Angeles.

The daughter of the singer and reality star has become the subject of controversy after being spotted in the heavy winter garment.

According to MailOnline, the garment was at odds with the rest of her outfit, with the youngster also wearing a more age-appropriate pair of blue jeans, a brown hoodie, Converse shoes and a white cap on a trip to the playground.

The fur coat got the attention of animal rights activists including  animal rights organization Peta.

According to a Peta’s  spokesperson  ‘Kids are naturally drawn to animals and sympathetic to their plight, and there’s no reason to think that North is any different.

‘If the fur coat that she’s been dressed in is real, animals have suffered for vanity, something that we’re sure neither North nor any little girl her age would support.’ 

Fans have also reacted, questioning her parents’ taste after Mrs Kardashian-West, posted a picture of her daughter wearing the coat on photo sharing app Instagram along with the caption: ‘Swag’.

The photo has over 1.3million likes but raised eyebrows among some fans such as @kendall_kronen who wrote: ‘Her clothes probably cost more than my house’.


Others thought that it was not appropriate to put fur on such a young child.

User ham_goblin wrote: ‘That fur looked awesome on an animal, not on a human’.

It is pertinent to note that Mr West, a designer and rapper, has worn fur in the past and has dismissed criticism by animals rights campaigners Peta.

Kim Kardashian, who gave birth to her son Saint West, earlier this month, has also been targeted by anti-fur activists for wearing mink coats and other fur items.

But it is not clear who bought North the fur jacket, but Mr West has a history of making extravagant gestures for his wife and bought her 150 presents for Christmas.