MASSOB Announce Plan To Set Up Parallel Govt In S/East, S/South States Feb. 22

MASSOBFactional leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has announced plans to set up a parallel government in the Southeast and Southsouth.

Subsequently, elections will be conducted into wards, provinces, districts, regions and zones of the Southeast and Southsouth, which he said are Biafra territories, on February 22.

Speaking during the presentation of the 2016 Biafra Budget at the Ojukwu Memorial library yesterday, Uwazuruike announced the appointment of Rev. Fr Samuel Aniebonam, a Catholic Priest, as the Chairman of the Biafra Independent National Electoral Commission (B-INEC).

He said: “In line with our principle of non-violence towards establishing a sovereign control over the territorial boarders of the New Biafra, a Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Samuel Aniebonam has been appointed the Chairman of Biafra Independent National Electoral Commission, (B-INEC).

“The Chairman, with other anointed men and women of God as members, will supervise the internal election into the offices of the new Biafra Government on February 22”.

The MASSOB leader said the election will be by open ballot, popularly known as Option A4.

“Our election will not be like Nigeria’s election, it will be a transparent one. In Biafra, there won’t be electoral fraud. The tenure of the elected Regional Governor or Minister would be four years and nine months. There shall be no second tenure.

“Once you are defeated, you won’t appeal in a tribunal against your opponent. This is why members of the commission would be men and women of God”.

Confirming the move to set up parallel government, MASSOB’s National Director of Information, Sunny Okereafor, said the elections is in line with democratic ideals and international best practices, which Biafra was founded on, and where citizens would find satisfaction.

He, however, explained that only members of MASSOB and its parent body, the Biafra Independence Movement, BIM, are qualified to vote and be voted for in the election.

“The electioneering has begun; we are conducting elections into all offices from wards to the zones, to elect leaders to administer Biafra. We are going to show Nigeria how to conduct free and fair elections without rigging, intimidation and favouritism.

“Biafra will be a country where others would come to learn how democracy works. We have already set standards. Our non-violent approach is legendary and we have received several commendations for it. We want freedom; Biafra is the answer”, Okereafor said.

He also said soon as the elections were concluded and winners sworn in, Biafra would re-introduce its legal tender, the pounds.


  1. May God bless u people for this initiative …….Nigeria is too large for one peason to rule at this point, for that reason, let it break up to…….100% supported.

  2. I swear dis uwazurike is making fun of biafrans,I thought dey hv sacked him,look if u guy want to get dis biafra u better look for serious ppl. Dis uwazurike is no longer serious instead he might be una obstacle. His co agitator is in jail he is dey teachn nigeria how to conduct election

  3. He said the Biafra election will be conduct in south east and south south, we south south people are waiting for him to conduct election in south south. Try it and see. Fool, thief. As south south people are not making noise online like the igbos, u think they do not know what they want? South south never want Biafra. Their elders, their leaders, their youths said they do not want ur Biafra and they will not be part of Biafra and igbos are calling them yoruba. When time comes, Igbo’s will know if it is yoruba talk or not. Greedy and selfish people. Come and force Biafra on south south, let us see.


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