Metuh And The Statement Tearing Drama: 7 Things This Shows About Metuh

Olisa Metuh_PDP

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spokesman Olisa Metuh has compounded his troubles after tearing the statement  he made on oath in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). A lot of Nigerians are right now wondering what this desperate move by Metuh implies, well Information Nigeria brings you 6 you must know…

– Metuh’s move to tear his statement amounts to a criminal act and the EFCC have already hinted at the possibility of prosecuting him over criminal conduct for willfully destroying government property.

– Metuh tearing his statement does not in anyway stop his trial as long as evidences that led to his arrest remains.

– Metuh’s decision to tear a statement he wrote under an oath undermines his status and shows someone of his caliber as a very bad example.

– According to Prof Itse Sagay, the torn statement is still very valid to be tendered in court as long as the pieces can be put together.

– If the statement is badly torn and can not be pieced together, it will constitute a separate offence and the torn paper constitutes an exhibit against him. This explains why he attempted to eat it before he was stopped by EFCC officials.

– For Metuh to have torn his own statement, it shows he’d not been truthful or he’d been truthful but plans to be otherwise at a later date.

– An innocent man would not make such a desperate move. That singular act proves beyond reasonable doubt that Metuh has things to hide.

With regards to the torn statement, although it would have been easier, faster and less complex for the prosecution to establish its case against an accused with a confessional statement, it is not the only way to secure conviction, so the EFCC still has other options or what do you think???


  1. Am sucked what we are turning this country into. Why is EFCC afraid of arraying Metu. One of the fundamental pillars of justice is Audi altra patem (Hear the other party), but in this case we are only hearing one party. Prof Sagay to say the least is a disgrace to the legal profession. EFCC cannot be both the accuser and the judge


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