Metuh vs Isa: 3 Reasons Why They Are Different – EFCC

Olisa Metuh

Following criticisms hauled at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC for being selective in its fight against corruption because of its continued detention of Metuh while it released Jafaru Isa, an All Progressives Congress chieftain and close ally of Buhari, the EFCC has through its acting chairman, Ibrahim Magu insisted that the Commission is not being selective, noting that only people involved in “some certain action or inaction of corruption” are the ones they picked up for questioning. INFORMATION NIGERIA in this piece has put together 3 reasons adduced by the commission for releasing Jafaru and not Metuh…

– Jafaru Isa agreed that Dasuki gave him N170 million but Metuh has not said anything concerning the over N400 million he got ‘allegedly’.

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– Mr. Isa has made a deposit of N100 million and has begun the process of refunding the remaining money in his possession, whereas Mr. Metuh instead of going for a refund, has decided to go on a hunger strike.

– The money recovered has been promised to be used for public good. Mr. Isa’s move to return the money in full shows he has the good of Nigerians in mind while Mr. Metuh’s refusal shows he cares only for himself and no one else.

Are you with or against EFCC on this clamp down on corrupt Nigerians???



  1. I am with or for EFCC releasing Isa but though he was released to go produce the balance Nigerians has been made to understand that refunding the whole money in any case does not absolved the accusd from facing the justice


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